Hey there!

I'm Francesco Ghedin

I’m a UX and product designer, originally from Italy.
I'm currently located between Milan (IT) and Amsterdam (NL). I'm a light-hearted and easygoing person, and I totally identify with my mediator personality.

The author, Francesco Ghedin, sitting on a wooden box.

My Career so far...

It was my third year of Bachelor’s Degree in computer science when I realized that I wanted to work in UX, probably for the rest of my life. All thanks to an outstanding job from my “Human-Computer Interaction” teacher, who made me fall in love with the subject.

From that I went into a Master's Degree in Theory and Technology of Communication, where I had the opportunity to work hands-on in many different group project, involving subjects like Cognitive Psychology and Ergonomics, Visual Interface Design and Visual Communication, and Interaction Design.

I've graduated cum laude in March 2020 (yay for pandemic graduation!) while working as an intern for Avanade Italy. Currently, I'm a UX designer at the Milan Digital Innovation Studio of Avanade Italy.

I also hosted the 2021 edition of the World Usability Day Milan Conference!

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